National piloting in Italy

The aim of national piloting in Italy was to help people at risk towards creating alternative life stories, more focused on their skills, abilities and competencies.

The first event was organized in Pisa, Tuscany, where we worked with a group of workers at risk of burnout. At first, they were a bit sceptical about using storytelling in dealing with their problem, but at the end of the session they were really impressed by the ideas about possible solutions to their problems they manged to develop, as a group and as single individuals.

Other two events were organized in Campania, involving a classroom of high school students, attending a school which is in a difficult area of Salerno, and a group of university students at risk of dropping out their university career. Both groups gave us a very positive feedback. One element hit us: in both cases some participants had significant insights about their personal situations and told us that they were starting to see hope while, before the activities we proposed to them, they felt stuck in an emotionally painful situation.

We also decided to organize one last event, involving just one person. In fact, we wanted to involve a person in the context of a counselling session. This person was and already patient of one of our trainers and got some interesting insights, thanks to the activities she was invited to do. Such insights have become useful elements to work upon in the next counselling sessions with this person.


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