The Working with Stories Chronicles, Day 1

Day 1 – We are all made of stories


We started the day with our portraits. Entertaining exercise to break the ice, in which others draw a portrait of someone they do not know, and include a question. Participants then choose their favourite portrait and explain why they choose it. The choice for a particular portrait seems more moved by the question than by the drawing itself.

We moved on to identify the purpose and perspectives of stories, showing stories can be different depending on time, context and person.

A room full of people and not one favourite childhood story is the same, but most stories are known by many. The favourite childhood stories session, shows to tell how many stories there are, with a variety of layers,  and the different meanings and impact they have had on everyone.


Metaphors are powerful, and the session in which participants were asked to draw how they see their organisation, clients or beneficiaries. Our host,  Betty McNerlin from CERES even made a “live performance”.

To close of the day participants described a moment of transformation, describing the circumstance, the moment before and what happened after. Inspiring and touching stories. A beautiful closure of the day.


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