The Working with Stories Chronicles, Day 2

Day 2 – The best memories are any, depending on the day and context

Group and group dynamics were todays focal point. To reflect (and get our brains and energy running), we started off the day with an exercise in which everyone had a post-it with a colour on their forehead. Participants could not use verbal and limited non-verbal communication to organise themselves in colour-based groups. One participant is the odd-one out and is the only one with a specific colour. Interesting to see how all experienced the process of belonging to a group.

Everyone belongs to groups, participants wrote down the groups they feel they belong to, this resulted in an extensive map of different groups.

Participants then wrote a letter, presenting themselves to a “new” community (whatever one they imagined) to which they did not belong before. The letters were read out loud, and the readers were asked to indicate how they would welcome them. Here is our great coach and trainer Peter Fruhmann listening to the letters being read out loud.

When thinking about groups, identity also plays a role. An exercise in which we all drew 3 animals and highlighted 3 of their qualities. Apart from laughter it helped us to reflect about our identities and how we perceive ourselves or how we would like to be perceived.

The day finished with a visit to Flax Mill Textiles, recovering a traditional craft (weaving) in a converted old mill, kept as close to the original as possible. The linen produced is used by designers all across Europe.


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