First national seminar in Spain

The Spanish national seminar on first results in the StoryTeller project was held on the 9th of May 2018 in Spain. The session started with an introduction of the project and the presentation of the results. The compendium was highlighted, but most time was dedicated to presenting the curriculum and course content with accompanying methodology.  During the interactive session, participants worked with the Problem Tree in groups, around the problem of “Outdated educational system”.

At the end of the session the groups explained “their problem tree” to the others and gave feedback both on the resulting trees as well as on the process and technique in itself.  The networking part of the event allowed for teachers to exchange views and interact on a more direct and personal basis with the EOLAS staff on the project and its content. Verbal feedback, as well feedback through the forms was collected, which highlighted the high interest the curriculum and course content has generated among the participants, who all see the benefit of the skills and competences provided by STORYTELLER. They were positive about the seminar, especially the interactive session was well appreciated, as many had not yet worked with narrative techniques.



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