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2 weeks ago

Learning and laughing with the exercise in which we draw 3 animals and their qualities.

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2 weeks ago

Participants wrote a letter, presenting themselves to a "new" community to which they did not belong before.

Here is our great coach and trainer Peter Fruhmann listening to the letters being read ... See more

2 weeks ago

Fun exercise on belonging to groups, finding out to which group you belong without knowing what is on the post-it on your forehead and not allowing to communicate verbally (and non-verbally).

Here ... See more

2 weeks ago

Everyone belongs to groups, an extensive map of those to which participants in "Working with Stories" feel they belong to.

#Storyteller, #learnstorytelling, #groups, #groupdynamics, #cmepius

3 weeks ago
Photos from Learnstorytelling's post

Representing with a drawing or even with a "performance" allows you to find an answer on how you see your organisation, clients or beneficiaries.

Berry McNerlin from CERES made life ... See more

3 weeks ago

A room full of people and not one favourite childhood story is the same, but most stories are known by many. That shows how to tell how many stories there are and the different preferences and impact ... See more

3 weeks ago

#erasmusplus #storyteller

Great start of the 1st day of training in "Working with stories" in UK Northern Ireland...

3 weeks ago

What is the purpose of stories? Interesting reflections from the participants in our Working With Stories course

3 weeks ago

Portraits are a good way of getting to know eachother and breaking the ice.

#Storyteller, #storytelling, #narrative

3 weeks ago

The room is vibrating, awaiting the participants in the international training course on Storytelling and Narrative Techniques, organised by #Storyteller project.

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