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23 hours ago

#erasmusplus #storyteller #learnstorytelling

3..2..1...the learning, teaching training activity at CERES in UK Northern Ireland is about to take place in a week time. Team from OZARA d.o.o. expects ... See more

1 week ago
Learn Storytelling – My story, your story

Preparing the StoryTeller Training Days in Ballykelly, 1 - 5 October. We are excited to present our course-pilot in a very interactive week (we will really be 'working with stories'), and curious ... See more

3 weeks ago

1st National Seminar at BBRZ in Vienna
The participants gave mainly positive feedback and want to stay informed. One Trainer working with youth at risk: "STORYTELLING seems to be a very supportive ... See more

3 weeks ago

When we are hearing a story, are we really LISTENING?

Hearing (like taste, touch, vision) is one of our natural senses. We always hear something, it does not necessarily require special ... See more

3 weeks ago

National Seminar Dornbirn, BBRZ Austria
Our STORYTELLER colleague in the far west of Austria presented the guidelines, the curriculum and the compendium to workers in the social sector. Thanks to all ... See more

3 weeks ago

TOOLS and EXERCISES - always welcomed by people working in the social sector
After the internal piloting and national seminar in Graz there was the request for in-depth information about ... See more

3 weeks ago

In preparationof the "empathic listening competences" unit for our curriculum we could see the different common understandings about this topic in our partner countries. Interesting to see that some ... See more

1 month ago

Storytelling - National Seminar in Graz, BBRZ Austria

Presenting of the Storytelling curriculum and guidelines to an interested audience from different organisations in the social sector. The vivid ... See more

1 month ago

Storytelling - a helpful tool for secondary education teachers

The testing of the STORYTELLER curriculum with secondary education teachers in Spain has demonstrated their interest in learning more ... See more

1 month ago
Social Growth for Trafficking and Migration

Next week the module "Storytelling" of the SOG-TIM project, inspired by the Storyteller project, will start. The module has been developed by EOLAS and co-authored by Peter Fruhmann of Storybag. A ... See more

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