The Working with Stories Chronicles, Day 3

Day 3 – Stories are maps …….. but the map is not the territory


Today is about listening: the BBRZ team explains all about the “Four Ears Model”. An interesting insight about how we communicate and listen.

Dominant narratives shape our lives and language. What are the dominant narratives about women in the cultures/countries where participants are from? The list is long, and the variety of answers interesting, inspiring and a lot of food for thought about the influence of these narratives on people´s lives.

Questions are very powerful! We learned that you need to be aware that by asking a question you are already influencing and steering the person. The same is valid for questions: there are stories than can empower and there ones that can imprison people.


Participants were asked then what they thought what connected: A primrose with a tulip; A fish with a whale; All these 4 with a mad person and a mad person with the trainer, the trainer with them. This generated a lot of different answers, with no wrong answers as there is a structure that connects everything (whatever that structure is).

As one of the final activities of the day participants drew an image of something that is a problem to them, and then reflected on how this artefact influences their lives. A very good way to reflect with a smile or laugh.


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