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7 months ago

The Writers Group of Limavady who attended the TTT course in October, having their 1st meeting back with us. They are a committed group of retired professionals who have found a great way forward ... See more

7 months ago
Storyteller present at Euroguidance Conference in Vienna, Austria – Learn Storytelling

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On November 8th 2018 Euroguidance Austria hosted the conference “Lifelong Guidance in a dynamic labour market: to achieve, to facilitate, to empower”.

8 months ago
Constructive Conversations

A supportive article for StoryTeller's Euroguidance workshop

Constructive Conversations Storytelling applied to guidance, consultancy, communities and organizations Peter Frühmann (Storybag - NL), Ingrid Pammer (BBRZ – A); written for the Euroguidance ... See more

8 months ago

A well received 'StoryTeller' workshop 'Storytelling in job counseling' at the Euroguidance Conference in Vienna.

8 months ago
Photos from Learnstorytelling's post

#erasmusplus #storytelling #migrants #inclusion #migrantmentorshipmodel #teamwork
First great insights into "working with stories" in practice.In the Erasmus+ project "MMModel" OZARA d.o.o. hosted a ... See more

9 months ago
Learn Storytelling – My story, your story

#erasmusplus #storyteller #storytelling
The last day of our traing days was organized as a reflective process on gained knowledge, constellation of training itself and evaluation of the whole process ... See more

The project “StoryTeller – Empowerment of persons under risk of exclusion through development of storytelling professional training in under-equipped EU countries”addresses the professional ... See more

9 months ago

Cultural sensitivity exercise: what do you think of a person by merely seeing their picture.

9 months ago

Participants craft stories in groups, and the stories are told. We are all creators and tellers of stories.
.....entertaining, surprising, touching, funny.....

CMEPIUS, #storyteller, #storytelling, ... See more

9 months ago

Today we started with the Tree of Life, despite all our differences, there is a lot in common in the trees. We are not as different as we think we are.

9 months ago

Identifying the "monster" or problem you have and drawing it can help to handle it.

As many people, as many "monsters"......

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