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10 months ago

Stay connected with your stories.

1 year ago

"Who are best adapted: those who are at war with each other all the time, or those who support each other?" (Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, Pjotr Kropotkin, as early as 1902 a champion of social ... See more

1 year ago

What kind story do you decide to tell about yourself?

Stories can be free highways to your dreams, or prisons that keep you stuck in a painful condition.

People at risks are affected by stories as ... See more

1 year ago
Projekt StoryTeller - nadaljevanje zgodbe in povezovanje v lokalnem okolju - Ozara d.o.o. in Ozara ZC

#erasmusplus #sustainability #storytelling #workshop

Our project continues in one way or another. In Slovenia, the partner OZARA storitveno in invalidsko podjetje has been invited from Fundacija ... See more

1 year ago

The story of your life goes on and on and on. Every experience enriches your story, with either food or bad narratives.

People at risks tend to consider their life stories ended, with no hope and no ... See more

1 year ago

We are social animals. Reality is not "real", is a combination of the stories and narratives made by all of us.

We are not alone in this world. Solutions are created in the social dimensions, as we ... See more

1 year ago

We are all storytellers.

Storytelling is a method (well, a cathegory of methods).
Storytelling is a pratiche.
Storytelling is a way of life.

We are made of stories. The way we experience ourselves ... See more

1 year ago

We are made of stories, and stories change our lives.

This is what happened to Simone Mele, who decided to dedicate his life to stories and story-crafting. He decided to quit his job and become a ... See more

1 year ago
Fotos de la publicación de Learnstorytelling

#erasmusplus #storyteller #storytelling

Dear Storyteller friends...the last 3 years our consortium Learnstorytelling has been on an interesting journey towards developing exciting and aspiring new ... See more

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