We are more than happy to inform you about further insights into national piloting that took place in Austria within the scope of work from our partner BBRZ.

The target group participating in the piloting covered unemployed persons with physical and / or psychical restrictions as part of a retraining programme. The mentors took chance to do a “yearly overview” of the achieved tasks and activities looking upon their lives from a “new life perspective”. 

The sessions were in some moments highly emotional for the participants, however the motivation to reflect upon one own’s past and more important all of the achievements in the past months lead to an overall conclusion: empowerment and feeling encouragement. A very precious fact of the piloting was also the multicultural experience as one group was presented by different cultures working together. Learning about tolerance was gathered with insights for the participants about how our own identities are evolving throughout time and how dominant narratives can influence our own identities. 




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