The project »StoryTeller« with the full name »Empowering of persons under risk of exclusion through development of storytelling professional training in under-equipped EU countries« is being funded under Erasmus+ KA2 Action and is a Strategic partnership for vocational education and training (no. 16-202-021567). The idea to work together derives from a noticeable increase of the importance of storytelling as a profession. Storytelling itself has been recognized as an empowering approach to those who tell stories on one hand and those listen on the other. Societal changes that bring along the growing population of disadvantaged groups across Europe are at the core of common work in this partnership. Respecting the latter, storytelling is seen as a way to empower vulnerable communities and professional who work with them.

By being recognised as a very useful, beneficial and change oriented professional area in northern EU countries, especially across UK (Scotland and Northern Ireland) (as well as in USA and Australia) it is evident that with only few partial exceptions there are no formal educational modules for this profession as well as professional VET curricula in this AREA.

The project therefore strives and works for an accreditation of this profession in the partnership consortium countries by respecting:
• the needs of people under risk of exclusion due to disability, ethnic and/or cultural background, social and economic barriers or other disadvantage,
• bringing storytelling closer to a wide range of professionals working with people at risk,
• EQF (ECVET and EQUAVET) for presenting the storytelling curriculum for formal C-VET accreditation.

Our aim is to set foundations for a long term development of Professional storytelling in the less equipped countries and by that contribute to a more balanced development of storytelling profession in Europe, thus contribute to a more empowered and equal society.



About partners

Ozara d.o.o. Service and Disability company is a disability company dedicated to the training, employment, and the social inclusion of unemployed persons with disabilities, together with difficult-to-employ persons having limitations and barriers regarding employment opportunities. This can be due to illness,injury or functional limitations. Our mission is the training and employment of persons with disabilities at certain specific workplaces that require the adaptation of production and service activities, whilst being part of a competitive market-economy system.


BBRZ Austria provides services in the fields of prevention, intensive rehabilitation and health-related organisational counselling. It also develops model projects in the field of vocational rehabilitation. BBRZ is accompanying people who are disabled due to accident or illness, on their way back into working life since 1975. Target groups are persons with health or functional impairments and/or mental health problems but also companies. BBRZ is continuously engaged in developing rehab schemes and centres all over Europe and participates in about 100 transnational project partnerships.



EOLAS S.L. provides services and support to all enterprises, organisations and entities with demands in the field of the design and management of strategic planning and projects. The company offers services related to the definition of business strategies; internationalisation paths and strategies to obtain funding and grants (international, European, national and regional). The organisation accompanies the whole process, from the initial analysis and conceptual and design phase up to the management and monitoring of the implementation and final evaluation of the strategy or project.



UNIPOSMS is internationally recognized as one of the guardians of the Mediterranean Diet culture and the teaching traditions of the ancient Schola Medica Salernitana, both considered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO Representative. With its indisputable status of professional authority in the field of health disciplines, UNIPOSMS aims to promote development of communities and facilitate change and educational processes throughout Italy and the Mediterranean basin, bringing crucial resources to the consortium by transferring its knowledge with regard to the needs identified in the field.



STORYBAG has a background in communication (marketing, design, writing), an academic background in socio-ecology of behaviour.  We have knowledge of and experience in all facets of storytelling and other narrative approaches for organisations, education and health care. In all fields we explore the applicability of narrative approaches and story work. It also helps to come up with new and innovative approaches and methods. The results show that working with and through stories has a positive and empowering effect. This is also why we are happy to play a part in EC funded international partnerships, to examine and test and share with communities all over Europe.



CERES has a long history of working with community and volunteer groups, a strong affinity with (heritage) storytelling and offers experience and skills in digital media. Our vision of Co-operation, Enterprise, Resources, Education & Services means that we offer a wide range of facilities, both intellectual and physical to our customers, ranging from locally here in the North West coast of Northern Ireland to as far afield as Melbourne, Australia. Our qualifications team are experienced in the delivery of education, training and continued personal development opportunities, for both individuals and companies alike. Ceres holds certified accreditations from some of the world’s leading awarding bodies. We believe in a managed, flexible, fun approach to education, with a person-centred approach to learning & assessment using a wide range of methodologies from long-term traditional to new multi-media using mobile phone technology & Apps. We wholeheartedly welcome and embrace diversity in learning.


IMAGINE is a company engaged in developing business software, and has over 25 years long tradition. Currently it employs about 30 people. All our software solutions and tools enhance mobility, deep industry-specific functionality and an intuitive user interface. We deliver modern solutions that address the user's needs, and empower the user to innovate and stay competitive. All their applications are our own development. IMAGINE has a highly experienced, educated team, always motivated and adaptable to customers. Their flexibility helps them in satisfying even the most demanding users, customers and their needs. Most new clients are obtained on the basis of good references.





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