1st National Seminar in The Netherlands – 4 June 2018

Storybag has organized the StoryTeller National Seminar at the Storytelling Centre Amsterdam. The participants had different backgrounds: director of the Storytelling Centre who also works in (narrative) reconciliation programmes, narrative coaches affiliated to the Storytelling Centre who work with (ethnic) minorities, a student in Communication, and participants from the ‘Weekend academy’ who work with young children and young adults. All participants have ‘inclusion’ as their most important theme.

The presentation opened with a reflective exercise on what would be the individual participants’ personal ‘paradise’, and all agreed that a reflection like that could be a starting point for imagining a future based on positive memories and insights.

The presentation then continued with presenting the project’s objectives, the content of the consortium’s Compendium and its conclusions and course objectives (based on Grounded Theory). The other presented outputs were an overview of the Guidelines and a ‘walk’ through the Course’s units. All participants received a hand-out in Dutch (including all prior elements) as information and reminder.

As to feedback, the content of the course (and the guidelines) was judged as very interesting, the build-up as very clear, informative, very interactive and inspiring, something to learn from and translate to practice. An interesting conclusion was that this course (and project) is not so much about changing behaviour but changing attitude (e.g. towards learning, integration, work, the self, the other…) and that ‘behaviour’ (and readiness for action) will be the resultant.


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